Devops Code Challenge 1 – AWS automation

AWS Automation

Automate the following tasks with your own choice of scripting language.

Task 1: Automate the EC2 instance creation under load balancer.

1. Create a VPC with should have a public and private subnet

2. Create a role with s3 access.

3. Launch an ec2 instance with the role created in step 1, inside the private subnet of VPC, and install apache through

bootstrapping. ( You need to have your NAT gateway attached to your private subnet )

4. Create a load balancer in public subnet.

5. Add the ec2 instance, under the load balancer



Task 2: Automate the process of stop ( For cost saving )

Automate the process of stop to a group of EC2 instances (based on tags). Ensure that there is no user
logged into the servers, and CPU usage is idle ( less than 10% ) for the particular period of time before stopping. The idle period and tag will be passed as arguments.
usage: autostop <Tag name> < idle period>

For example:

 autostop <development> 30

If the current time is 7 PM, the script needs to check the idle development instances in the last 30
minutes ( 6.30 PM to 7 PM ) and make sure no users are logged into those instances before stopping them. Don’t set up permanent cloudwatch alarm to stop the instances. The script needs to run on-demand for stopping the instances.


Bonus Task:
Once you have the basic functionality implemented, try to do the following bonus exercises in Task 1:

1. Create an auto scaling group with minimum size of 1 and maximum size of 3 with load balancer
created in step 3 of Task 1 .

2. Add the created instance under the auto scaling group. ( You need to have an AMI created out of previously created instance in Task 1 which has apache installed in it)

3. Write a life cycle policy with the following parameters:

scale in : CPU utilization > 80%

scale out : CPU Utilization < 60%


Use the comment section to provide your solution by uploading your code in any of the code repository. Mail us at if you have any questions.




One way to complete Task 1 along with the bonus task is by using Ansible. Ansible has a lot of pre-defined AWS modules which makes our work easy managing AWS components.

Solution: Task 1 and bonus task ( Using Ansible )


Task 2 can be completed by using any scripting language of your choice. A bash script way of doing it is explained here. Here we make use of cloudwatch monitoring metrics to verify CPU idle condition.

Solution:   Task 2 ( Using bash)



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