DigitalOcean Credits

Free $35 DigitalOcean Credits using Codeanywhere

Free $35 DigitalOcean Credits This guide will help you to get $35 DigitalOcean Credits. This relates to 7 months free ...
Devops Code Challenge

Devops Code Challenge 1 – AWS automation

AWS Automation Automate the following tasks with your own choice of scripting language. Task 1: Automate the EC2 instance creation ...
Centralized Logging using Graylog

Centralized logging using Graylog

Scenario Consider your environment has a number of servers. Whenever there is an issue being reported, you have to manually ...

Ansible Ad-hoc commands usage

Need for Ansible Ad-hoc commands Before getting into Ansible playbooks, we'll explore  Ansible Ad-hoc commands and how it helps to ...
Ansible Tutorial - 1

Ansible Tutorial – Introduction and Installation of Ansible

Ansible Tutorial - Introduction Ansible is one of the highly used configuration management and provisioning tool along with Chef, Puppet ...
Ansible local testing

Ansible Local Testing: Vagrant and Virtualbox

Ansible Local Testing Ansible works well with any server to which you can connect—remote or local. For speedier testing and ...
Ansible configuration and inventory

Ansible Configuration and Inventory files

In the Ansible Configuration and Inventory section, we will get to know the basics of Ansible Configuration file and Ansible ...
screen command

Unix screen command – Use cases

Unix screen command offers lot of features that we can make use of. In this article, we can see two ...
Nginx as a caching Reverse proxy for apache

Nginx as a caching reverse proxy for Apache

Scenario: Consider you have been assigned a task to improve the response time of an application. Assume that, it is ...
automate EBS volume snapshot

Bash script to automate EBS volume snapshot

This will be a nugget on how to automate EBS volume snapshot using a bash script. Need for EBS snapshot: ...
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